FEDEMFédération des Minerais, Mineraux Industriels et Métaux Non Ferreux (French: Federation of Ores, Industrial Minerals and Nonferrous Metals)
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The European Federation of Managers in the Steel Industry (FEDEM), member of the Confederation of Executives and Managerial Staff (CEC), on January 31, signed the Worldwide agreement on the principles of Arcelor's corporate responsibility in Luxembourg, at the company's headquarters.
In addition to Neos and Siemens other participating companies included PTC (NC programming), INA (joint/strut design), FEDEM (computer-based machine modeling), [TI.sup.2] (integration of photogrammetry system), Tehdasmallit (NC program verification), IBAG (high speed spindle), and, of course, industrial user companies.
Se levarmos em conta que ha, em Gregorio de Matos, uma constante aproximacao entre sodomia, imoralidade e sujeira, e importante que se destaque a mencao aos 'vasos' que 'fedem bacalhau'.
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