FEDEPAZFundación Ecumenica Para El Desarrollo Y La Paz (Spanish: Ecumenical Foundation for Development and Peace)
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FEDEPAZ warns that all a solider or police officer will need to do to avoid responsibility is say he or she was acting "in the line of duty." After that, it won't even be possible to investigate the matter to determine if crimes were committed that went above and beyond that so-called duty.
The next time, according to FEDEPAZ, there isn't likely to be such an investigation.
Ana Teresa Bernal, presidenta de FEDEPAZ, tambien se declaro "impresionada" por la respuesta de la ciudadania en favor de la reconciliacion.
Observatorio de conflictos mineros en el Peru, primer semestre 2015, Lima, Cooperaccion, Fedepaz, Grufides.
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