FEDESAFédération Européenne de la Santé Animale (European Federation of Animal Health)
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The FEDESA test presupposes the existence of valid legislative objectives, and resembles Canada's Oakes or America's Fox tests.
Militant though it is, the result in Danish Bottles remains a flawless invocation of the final step of the FEDESA test: "the disadvantages caused [by a measure] must not be disproportionate to the aims pursued".
Unfortunately the Article XX jurisprudence lacks an explicit test as found in Oakes, O'Brien or FEDESA.
For more information, contact FEDESA on Tel: (+32) 2/542 47 57, Fax: (+32) 2/542 47 58, E-mail vich1@fedsa.
Johan Vanhemelrijck of FEDESA said that "it is not too late for science to guide the political process.