FEDLINKFederal Library Information Network
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FEDLINK has been working with GSA to expand the strategic sourcing initiative for several years.
2583) Federal agencies place orders for FEDLINK products and services and take advantage of volume discounts.
The FEDLINK agreement allows all federal government agencies -- executive, legislative, judicial, military, civilian, and independent agencies -- to utilize the FEDLINK contract vehicle to subscribe to WavePhore's Newscast Today business intelligence service.
A 2013 FEDLINK project illustrates that by comparing the print holdings of federal scientific agency libraries.
The loss resulting from RoweCom's bankruptcy is related to the operation of the FEDLINK program, and is an appropriate expense of the revolving fund.
In my search for additional information on CD-ROM technology, I paid a return visit to the Automated Library Information Exchange (ALIX), the FEDLINK bulletin board provided as a service of the Federal Library and Information Center Committee and Network.
government customers to order IEEE online collections via FEDLINK.
It offers great value, especially if you're a member of a group or a library network, such as capcon and FEDLINK in the Washington area.