FEDTFrance Engineering Division Technique
FEDTFamily Education Development Trust (UK)
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UNIT ROOT TESTS Pre-colocation Post-colocation drift Trend drift Trend fedt 7.74 7.
In Experiment 1, the performance of PD patients was compared with that of age-matched healthy controls on the FEDT. In Experiment 2, we used the FGIT as a control task in determining whether the PD patients' impairment in recognizing facial expressions was due to deficits in their processing of emotion.
To determine whether the poor performance of the PD patients on the Fast Emotion Discrimination Task (FEDT) in Experiment 1 was due to deficiencies in emotion processing per se or to a decline in task-related cognitive functions, in Experiment 2 we gave PD patients the Fast Gender Identification Task (FGIT).