FEDVFederación Española de Disco Volador (Spanish: Spanish Federation of Frisbee)
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FEDV = Deviation of the log of the real federal government expenditure (1982 prices) from the log of its trend value; see Barro (1981, p.
The need to recapitalize the FEDV in a speech at the Eastern Economic Forum was stated by President of the Russian Federation V.V.
Fourth, the Forecast Error Variance Decomposition (henceforth FEDV) which measures the contribution of different variables in the model to the volatility of the variable of interest is calculated for the entire period of the sample.
Information about the sites is available on the map of the service for the formation and distribution of sites, which was established by the Far East Development Foundation (FEDV) in conjunction with Rosrybolovstvo, Roskartografiya and RTS-Tender.