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FEEFoundation for Economic Education
FEEFoundation for Environmental Education
FEEForeign Exchange Earnings
FEEFrance Énergie Éolienne (French: France Wind Energy; symposium)
FEEFédération des Experts Comptables Européens (European Federation of Accountants)
FEEFédération des Éclaireuses et Éclaireurs (French scout federation)
FEEFabric Energy Efficiency
FEEFront End Electronics
FEEFrance Études Électroniques (French: France Education Electronics)
FEEFederal Environmental Executive
FEEFatal Exception Error
FEEFaculty of Electronic Engineering
FEEForward Equipment Enclosure (NASA)
FEEFrench Echocardiograph Equipment
FEEFlorida Engineers in Education
FEEFire Emblem Empire (gaming website)
FEEFailure End-Event
FEEFunctional Estimating Equation
FEEFördergesellschaft Erneuerbare Energien eV (German: Society for the Promotion of Renewable Energies)
FEEFormed Element Emboli (medical Doppler studies referring to artery plaque or clot formation)
FEEFlared End Element
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But Democrats who now control Congress say they worry that the new fees will make applying for citizenship and other benefits prohibitive for most immigrants.
This category encompasses claims that fall outside sections 62(a)(20) and 104(a)(2) but under either fee-shifting statutes, where the court awards legal fees directly to counsel, or "qualified settlement funds" covered by Treasury regulations section 1.
In the DoD response dated December 12, 2005, the Department generally concurred with the recommendations in the report and agreed to issue a policy memo by March 31,2006, to (1) address desired outcomes and the role the award fee should play in the overall acquisition strategy; (2) remind the acquisition workforce to follow existing policies; (3) provide guidance to the acquisition workforce on "rollover"; and (4) develop a communication plan to share proven incentive strategies across the entire DoD acquisition workforce.
Fee Real Estate, was immediately turned into a fund raising event at which attendees made voluntary donations.
50 fee on new tire sales, all of which goes into the state's general fund.
If you finish school or change jobs before your greencard arrives, you'll need to file a separate application to work here legally (2001 fee $100; 2004 fee $175).
A notice that a fee may be imposed by an automated teller machine operator as defined in section 205.
Despite the fee changes, McFadden says Thunder Bay's terminal and landing fees remain "well below" the industry average.
Public Land Management Benefits from User Fees, But Will Nature Lose Out?
In the past, it was very common for sponsors using entry fees to offer both significant pre-paid "life care" health benefits and reductions in the monthly service fee (as compared with the straight market rate rental pricing concept).
In 1998, a group of students sued Miami University of Ohio for the right to opt out of their fee system, which they say violates the equal access guidelines set by Rosenberger v.
Tax executives may become involved with contingent fee auditors either directly on behalf of the corporation or perhaps on behalf of a group of employees caught within the bounty hunter's sometimes overreaching net.