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FEEDSFlorida Engineering Education Delivery System
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If you are feeding me now for work performed, why did you not feed me then when I needed it?
And always was Martin's maddening and unuttered demand: Why didn't you feed me then?
He must be taught that even though he killed a Mangani, he would not be permitted to feed upon his kill.
During the brief respite while they were gathering their ammunition, Numa had settled himself to feed; but scarce had he arranged himself and his kill when a sharp piece of rock hurled by the practiced hand of the ape-man struck him upon the cheek.
The mother did her best, but no woman, out of her natural resources, could feed three babies.
"I had to feed the rest of the mate over-side to the sharks for nothing.
That was a punishment they were almost as fond of as they were of eating, and they expected the sound bees to feed them.
She recalled that she often had wished she might see a lion, close to, make a kill and feed upon it.
However, that did not spoil the pleasure we had in each other's company; we did not gallop about as we once did, but we used to feed, and lie down together, and stand for hours under one of the shady lime-trees with our heads close to each other; and so we passed our time till the family returned from town.
Of this bird, Sophia, then about thirteen years old, was so extremely fond, that her chief business was to feed and tend it, and her chief pleasure to play with it.
I should like well to hear them neigh over their hardly earned feed of corn, and see them, with their moist necks freed from the harness, dipping their eager nostrils into the muddy pond.
Afterward you may feed him to the seven-headed dogs."