FEEFFédération des Entreprises et Entrepreneurs de France (French Entreprises and Entrepreneurs Federation)
FEEFFairhope Educational Enrichment Foundation (Fairhope, AL)
FEEFFederal Energy Efficiency Fund (US DOE)
FEEFForeign Exchange Equalization Fund
FEEFField Experience Evaluation Form
FEEFFrontier Elementary Education Foundation (Pakistan)
FEEFFaria Educational Enrichment Fund
FEEFFacility Energy Efficiency Funds (US Marine Corps)
FEEFForeign Employment Entrepreneurs Federation
FEEFFar East Educational Foundation
FEEFFederation Education Enrichment Fund
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El FEEF fue sustituido por el Mecanismo Europeo de Estabilidad (MEDE).
Additionally, the foundation will sponsor LA Conservation Corps (LACC) as it has for the past two years and this year it will become the lead community sponsor by providing more financial support and the contribution of employee time, energy and expertise; and its relationship with Foster Care Counts (FCC) and the Fullerton Excellence in Education Foundation (FEEF) will continue via lead sponsorships of their programmes.
Siendo dudoso que los inversores privados aportasen capital, y vistas las limitaciones para un rescate con fondos publicos, iban a tener que ser puestos a contribucion el Fondo Europeo de Estabilidad Financiera (FEEF) y el BCE.
Lenta e imperceptiblemente, a pesar de las aprehensiones de sus socios mas importantes, como Francia, se fueron plasmando mecanismos financieros que depositan el control financiero de la Eurozona en Alemania, creandose instituciones como el Fondo Europeo de Estabilidad Financiera (FEEF) y el Mecanismo Europeo de Estabilidad Financiera (MEEF).
Gut peptides and feef intake regulations in lactating dairy cows.
"We feef bullish about the future of fine dining in New Orleans."
Featuring more than one hundred recipes contributed by such luminary experts as Chef Charlie Trotter (Charlie Trotter's Restaurant), chef rick Bayloess (Frontera Grill), Executive Chef Paul Katz (Harry Caray's Italian Steakhouse), Chef David Burns (Stadium Clube, Wrigley Field), and such legendary feef experts as Will rogers, Gene Autry, Dale Evans, Kansas governor Kathleen Sebelius, and dodge City Mayor Jim Sherer, "The Prairie Table Cookbook" offers a culinary wealth of terrific recipes, including some favorites of Native Americans, pioneers, the U.S.
If you entered a new bank today which had low ceilings, linoleum floor coverings, and a president that approached you wearing a yellow plaid sports coat, would you feef comfortable?
Rowe tries to break into Rae's house in search of evidence and Feef tries to quit but is blackmailed into seeing the mission through to the end.
Emma, 27, tells us more about her character Feef, who joins the civil service in 1945 and agrees to spy on her own government on behalf of the Americans.