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FEEPFédération des Établissements d'Enseignement Privés (French: Federation of Private Education Institutions; Canada)
FEEPField Emission Electric Propulsion
FEEPFoundation for Environmental and Economic Progress
FEEPFront End Engineering Package
FEEPFulbright Educational Exchange Program (educational grant)
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Ademas se han implementado cafes del tren que son establecimientos administrados por comunidades organizadas mediante convenio con FEEP a traves de un modelo Publico-Privado-Comunitario.
Long lightweight, high strength long-life tethers, wire and nonconducting MEMS FEEP [field emission electric propulsion] integrated micropropulsion assemblies
For tickets, call 0870 606 3536 (subject to a booking feep DO YOU know what happened to Lennon's banjo?