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FEERFar Eastern Economic Review (Hong Kong business magazine)
FEERFundamental Equilibrium Exchange Rate
FEERField Even-Echo Rephasing
FEERForeign Exchange Encashment Receipt (Nepal)
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All the results seem to demonstrate that there is a tendency for the FEER to fall over time.
On the contrary, in the August Review we argued that France and Italy have experienced a depreciation of their FEERs over the 1980s(9).
Since the nominal exchange rate consistent with macro balance will change over time when inflation at home differs from that abroad, the FEER is defined as the real exchange rate consistent with macro balance.
The concept of the FEER is described by John Williamson, its originator, in the accompanying note in this Review.
It is much more difficult to assess the prospects for the D-Mark in terms of its FEER.
An analysis of the factors affecting savings and the equilibrium pattern of net assets, as in the IMF paper Net foreign assets and international adjustment' is important when analysing the FEER for Japan, and this is central to our exchange-rate forecast which is contained in table 4.
The current account may differ from its equilibrium value not only because of the dynamic effects of past events but also either because the real exchange rate is not at the FEER, or because one or more of the factors determining the current account are not at their trend, or equilibrium, values.
The government, accusing the monthly of interfering in Singapore's domestic politics, banned FEER on Sept.
FEER calculations can be very misleading, and we would advocate care in their use in the evaluation of the entry rate into EMU.
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Our aim was to keep the best of the old FEER and add many more useful, interesting features and coverage," said Mr.