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FEESSTEndoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing with Sensory Testing
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In addition to the standard FEES equipment, FEESST requires two additional items: a calibrated air-pulse sensory stimulator and a flexible endoscope with a side channel for the delivery of the air pulse (both items: Pentax Precision Instrument Corp.
6-9) Finally, in a large prospective study, Aviv compared the ability of FEESST and VFSS to prevent aspiration pneumonia in patients with dysphagia.
Requisite supplies for FEES and FEESST Thickener (available commercially as Thick & Easy; Hormel Health Labs; Austin, Minn.
The decision to administer either MBS or FEESST had been randomly determined to depend on which day of the week the dysphagia consult request was called in to the Department of Otolaryngology--Head and Neck Surgery.
11] The FEESST codes we used were 31575 (flexible laryngoscopy), 9252059 (laryngeal function studies), and 92525 (swallowing evaluation).