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FEFFront End Friday (car photography)
FEFFoundation for Economic Freedom (Philippines)
FEFFederación Ecuatoriana de Fútbol (Spanish, Ecuador)
FEFForced Expiratory Flow (lung function)
FEFFrontal Eye Field
FEFFernow Experimental Forest (research forest; West Virginia)
FEFFile Exchange Format
FEFFoundry Educational Foundation
FEFFédération des Etudiants Francophones (French: Federation of Francophone Students)
FEFFree Enterprise Fund
FEFFree Enterprise Foundation
FEFFlorida Education Foundation
FEFFamilia Educadora en la Fe (Spanish: Faith Family Educator; Mexico)
FEFFlexible Elastomeric Foam
FEFFlèches Électroniques France (French dart club)
FEFFix Effectiveness Factor (methodology)
FEFFree Earth Foundation (Doylestown, PA)
FEFFront End Fee
FEFFundación Europea de Formación (Spanish)
FEFFuture Engineer Force
FEFFrance Europe Formation (French: Europe France Training)
FEFFrench Erotic Film
FEFFastest Edge First (algorithm)
FEFFamilial Erythrophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis
FEFFunctional Evaluation Flight
FEFFuel Examination Facility
FEFFront Endpaper (book)
FEFFamily of Equipment Failure (Nortel)
FEFFailure of Equipment Family (Alcatel)
FEFFabrique d'Ebauche de Fleurier (French: Factory Outline Fleurier; watch movement)
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This happens if there is monopoly in rice imports,' FEF said.
Accordingly, the poor will have to pay more for the rice,' FEF said.
Through the combined work of AFS and FEF and the hundreds of volunteers in the two organizations, there is a pipeline of exceptional young people looking to invest their entire careers in our industry.
FEF 25-75%: The mean ([+ or -]SD) FEF 25-75% at rest in overweight group was 3.
The DOF-proposed tax reform plan, according to FEF, will help the government raise the additional P1 trillion that it needs to accelerate spending on infrastructure, human capital and social protection.
Compound DA FEF 1, principally optimized for best performance in the CEO, shows directly comparable performance to AEM-IP, with the more highly extended/plasticized ACM-DP5238 based compounds also giving excellent retention of sealing force.
In addition, the funds' prospectuses stated that FEF or its affiliates would bear the distribution expenses not covered by the funds' 12b-1 plans.
2), the uncured matrix M shows a value for G' (about 10 MPa) higher than both 10 FEF (fluoroelastomeric matrix loaded with 10 phr of FEF) and all MT compounds.
TD FEF funds come from thousands of donors across the country, many of whom served on boards of nearly 100 chapters in Canada to review applications.
Among the names being mentioned is Patrick Reed, 50, the COO of FedEx Freight, and former president of American Freightways, a company that FedEx bought to be part of FEF.
5) FEF 25%-75% Long before there were computers with clocks and math processors, the air speed for the middle 50% of the FVC maneuver was extrapolated from a curving line on a graph.
The FEF will be able to quickly locate and neutralize all antitank and antipersonnel mines and other explosive hazards (EH) to enhance mobility and force protection.