FEFACFédération Européenne des Fabricants d'Aliments Composés (French: Federation of European Compound Feed Manufacturers; EU)
FEFACFederazione Europea Fabbricanti Alimenti Composti (Italian feed-manufacturers' association)
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We support FEFAC and ITC s efforts to harmonize sustainability standards throughout the industry, and were confident that our certification standard would meet the Soy Sourcing Guidelines.
According to FEFAC, the sustainability of the livestock sector hinges on the full exploitation of the nutritional potential of co-products from the food and biofuel industries, provided they are safe for both animals and humans.
"FEFAC holds the view that it would be in the interest of all EU grain producers and users that the Commissioner for Agriculture, Mr Dacian Ciolos, takes a clear position on his intention regarding the orderly marketing of these intervention stocks, once the EU harvest is completed."
FEFAC and FEDIOL last month joined with COCERAL, which speaks for the European cereals, oilseeds, olive oil, oils and fats suppliers among others, and with the EU farmer organisation COPA-COGECA, to warn that the crisis could cost the EU food and feed sector between Euro 3.5 and Euro 5 billion.
FEFAC had previously forecasted a more drastic drop in 2009 production.
In the cattle feed segment, FEFAC's experts expect that the difficulties encountered in the dairy sector in 2009 will continue although a modest increase in milk prices may occur.
On 10 January, the EU executive had another meeting with the European Feed Manufacturers' Federation (FEFAC) to discuss better separation of oils used in animal feed from those used in industry (he mixture of these two types of oils was the source of the contamination in Germany).
The day after a second meeting with the European Feed Manufacturers' Federation (FEFAC) and other stakeholders responsible for fats (FEDIOL, EBB and EFPRA), the spokesperson for Commissioner John Dalli (health and consumer policy) made known that few proposals had been drawn up by the industry.
8 April 2010 - EU-27 compound feed production for 2009 (not including Greece, Malta and Luxembourg) has been estimated at 144 million tons by the European Compound Feed Manufacturers' Federation (FEFAC) today, a 4.5% drop compared with 2008 (150.6 million tons).
21 October 2009 - Industry and trade groups FEDIOL, FEFAC and COCERAL with the European farmer association COPA-COGECA, argue that yesterday's farm council was a missed opportunity to speed up the GM authorisation process and provide an urgent solution to the looming crisis.
For this purpose it has, since 5 January, increased the number of meetings with the European Feed Manufacturers' Federation (FEFAC) and other stakeholders active in the market for fats (FEDIOL, EBB and EFPRA).
However, due to the bad spring crop in South America, the sector needs to secure access to soybeans and soybean meal of North American origin to meet its winter season needs (at least until the next South American harvest in spring 2010), argues FEFAC.