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FEFLOWFinite Element Subsurface Flow System (groundwater flow simulatIon software)
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Ahmad, "Regional groundwater flow modelling of Upper Chaj Doab of Indus Basin, Pakistan using finite element model (Feflow) and geoinformatics," Geophysical Journal International, vol.
For this purpose, the modelling software FEFLOW 5.0 was applied (Diersh 2002).
Modelling with FEFLOW 5.0 was performed in two stages:
In order to evaluate more precisely the water balance and water level changes of the lake as well as the resulting habitat changes, the FEFLOW 5.0 model (more suitable for the simulation of groundwater flows) should be combined with other surface outflow models (FEFLOW 6.0, GSLOW versions).
The numerical model used in this study is based on three-dimensional finite-element code FEFLOW 5.0, which allows modelling groundwater flow, contaminant transport and heat transfer in layered three-dimensional system taking into account fracture phenomenon.
Computer software FEFLOW enables spatial and temporal analysis of modelling results in many ways.
WASY Software FEFLOW 5.0 Finite Element Subsurface Flow & Transport Simulation System.
The same modeling framework (i.e., boundary conditions, initial conditions, equations of state, and spatial and temporal discretization) is applied to the finite-element commercial software FEFLOW.
FEFLOW and OGS models exhibit similar temperature-depth profiles in all wells, but at different simulation time (125,000 versus 230,000 years, see Discussion).
Mathematical principles and premises of FEFLOW software are given in detail in methodical recommendations provided by the author (Diersch 2002, 2004).
The calculated triangular elements and their nodes are generated automatically by FEFLOW software to desirable detail.
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