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FEGFreier Evangelischer Gemeinden (German: Free Movement of Protestant Congregations)
FEGField Emission Gun (electron emission source commonly used in TEM and SEM)
FEGFisheries Expert Group (est. 2008)
FEGFund Evaluation Group, LLC (Cincinnati, OH)
FEGFox Entertainment Group (Los Angeles, CA)
FEGFegyver-és Gépgyár (Hungarian arms manufacturer)
FEGFinancial Engineering Group (various locations)
FEGFlying Electric Generator
FEGFédération des Enseignantes et Enseignants Genevois (French: Teachers' Federation of Geneva; Geneva, Switzerland)
FEGFourth Estate Guardian
FEGFinite Element Graph
FEGFacility Engineer Group (US Army)
FEGForum des Educatrices de Guinée (French: Educating Forum of Guinea)
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The FEG is an indicator of the fan's aerodynamic quality.
The plaintiffs say that interns at 20th Century Fox and other FEG units were not paid, despite the fact that they were required to fill out I-9 forms (which verify employment eligibility) and sign confidentiality agreements.
The engineers at FEG began work in 1932 and by 1935 had designed a rifle that combined characteristics of the M.95 Mannlicher, Infanteriegewehr 88, Lee-Enfield, Mannlicher-Schdnauer and the FN and CZ 98 Mauser short rifles--along with a few novel ideas.
The use of the FEG clone can save you money because the cost of a new gun is considerably less than current prices for a Browning- when you can find one.
For FIG and FEG All Investments in one application must be complete before another application can be accepted Rules for retaining investments instated use and for set lifetime periods:
The Framework for Economic Growth (FEG) which has been prepared by the Planning Commission through research and countrywide consultations has been approved by the National Economic Council (NEC).
Standards are being written defining fan efficiency grades (FEG) and fan/motor efficiency grades (FMEG).
Recently, I had the opportunity to extensively test variations of the Hi-Power, including the FMs in both the Detective and full-sight Classic version, and the FEG variants.