FEGANFederación Galega de Natación (Spanish: Galician Federation of Swimming)
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PC Fegan and PD Max were deployed into a nearby address where it was believed those involved were hiding.
PC Fegan said: "It always amazes me how quickly our dogs can pick up on a scent and lead us straight to where we need to be.
Fegan, 56, was driving an SUV and tried to merge onto a highway when he was broadsided by a bus near Aspen, 180 miles west of Denver, Colorado.
Colorado State Trooper Gabe Easton told the Aspen Times the SUV's other occupants, Fegan's 5-year-old son and a 29-year-old California woman, were airlifted to a Denver hospital in serious condition.
"Gyda mwy a mwy o bobl yn bwyta bwyd fegan am resymau iechyd ac amgylcheddol a chymaint o enwogion yn dilyn y ffordd yma o fyw mae'r dewis o fwyd fegan sydd ar gael wedi cynyddu yn aruthrol dros y blynyddoedd diwethaf," meddai Beca.
It's a co-production by the LBT and Creative Scene, an Arts Council project in West Yorkshire, and arose from a residency by Fegan at the Batley Bulldogs.
Bradley Galloway with his mum Michelle Fegan, and his top, which was hit by the pellet PETER REIMANN
In the new role, Fegan will assume several of the responsibilities that were managed by executive vice president of Operations and Technology, Dan Harris, who is retiring on July 1, 2017.
Fegan joined Winn-Dixie as vice president of pharmacy in June 2008.
After serving his prison sentence, Fegan returns to Belfast and is given a sinecure by the Party to support him.
Fegan will continue his responsibilities in the interim, and will assist as requested by the board in transition activities.