FEGEFédération des Entreprises de Gestion de l'Environnement (French: Environmental Management Enterprise Federation)
FEGEFree Electron Gas Exchange Approximation
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(34.) Arnold Fege, "Getting Ruby a Quality Public Education: Forty-Two Years of Building the Demand for Quality Public Schools through Parental and Public Involvement," Harvard Education Review 76, no.
"People still don't know No Child Left Behind," Fege says.
"The more that schools resort to private enterprise as a source of funding for public education, the less the school board, state legislature, and Congress feel obligated to allocate from the public purse" (Fege and Hagelshaw).
Commenting on the exclusion of parents from a more substantive role in instruction of the school-based curriculum, Fege (2000) contended that reforms in general education, which make schools accountable for student's academic performance, should require schools to include parents in basic instructional activities.
Yet CQ Researcher quoted Arnold Fege, director of governmental affairs for the National PTA, as saying, "I've been seeing more school administrators turning inward and pulling away from this constant barrage of criticisms and pressure and media exposure of public schools." (Jack Jennings made the same point in the Kappan last month.) "The academic establishment," Fege says, "has just awakened to the fact that misperceptions have to be countered."
For example, see Blue Miller (1983), Breneman (1983), and Fege (1992 for fears that public school quality will suffer because private-school subsidies erode voter support for public-school financing.
Arnold Fege of the national PTA added, "Clearly, this committee would not protect teachers who taught violence to children.
" Corporate America is becoming involved because the public schools are not producing the type of student that business needs," said Arnold Fege, director of government relations for the national P.T.A.
(7) Thanks to Anne Henderson, Don Davies, Arnold Fege, Robert
"We should work with other districts who already have something like this." But Arnold Fege, director of public engagement and advocacy for Public Education Network, says the idea, which other states are mulling, is part of a conservative effort to push their particular moral agenda.
Anne Fege, spokesperson for the Forest Service asserts that the lawsuit pertains only to the FCRoNR, but admitted that the results could have implications " for other Wilderness areas as well.