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Just 15 days before the Fegg Hayes crime, Kirkland and an accomplice broke into a friend's home after the man was lured away under false pretences.
In teasing apart the techniques through which this human subject was actually created, we can see Foucault continuing the anti-naturalism he elsewhere pursued in exposing sexuality as discursively created, the invisible hand of the economy as the product of state regulation, or madness as an epistemological counterpoint to Reason (see Fegg, 2014: 36-39, also Harcourt, 2011).
Brandstatter, M., Baumann, U., Borasio, G.D., & Fegg, M.J.
At Methley - Dawn Bray (Ossett Flying Horse) v Judy Ash (Dilhorne), Linda Gledhill (Marsh Utd) v Stacey Brown (Birches Head Hotel), Amanda Hagen (Savile Park) v Paulette Wheeldon (Fegg Heyes), Marjorie Haigh (Heckmondwike) v Judith Gosnell (Mow Cop), Ann Hinchliffe (Lockwood Con) v Fay Carson (Bucknall Private), Christine Sutcliffe (Methley) v Elizabeth Wright (Milton Recs), Margaret Higgins (Ossett FH) v Laura Hamer (Milton Hayes), Pauline Wilkinson (West Park v Corrina Phillips (Birches Head Hotel), Lisa Rice (Savile Park) v Helen Large (Dilhorne), Sharon Gadd (West Park) v Jackie Laverty (Milton Hayes), Carole Harpin (Marsh Utd) v Joan Lewis (Bucknall Private), Barbara Wherrett (Ossett FH) v Gill Welsh (Mow Cop).
Martin Fegg, Head of Product Group Soft Kill Systems at Rheinmetall, comments on the genesis behind its development, <<After the unification of East and West Germany, we got access to the seeker technology of the Russians from weapons which were left in East German armed forces service.
The defendants are Martin McGuiness, 23, of St Michael's Road, Pittshill; Jamie Bennett, 20, of Grayshott Road, Tunstall; Gary Rogers, 19, of Bentley Road, Chell, and Daniel Tunstall, 18, of Johnson Place, Fegg Hayes, all Stoke-on-Trent.
Playing at the Fegg Hayes Social Club, Stoke-on-Trent, the teams selected to play are:
He was seriously hurt in the collision with a yellow Volvo lorry at around 4.30pm on Thursday in Biddulph Road, Fegg Hayes, Stoke-on-Trent.
Steve Darling (George) v Matt Horton (Ath Cons), Martin Lloyd (Chester Road) v Gareth Herbert (Greville), Matt Ford (Fegg Hayes) v Andy Gibbs (KGV), Kit Kitlinski (Bedworth) v Tony Freeth (Richmond).
Saturday's draw: A Ferris (Fegg Hayes) v D Nixon (Winsford), I Bottomley (Halifax) v G Gardner (Chadderton), J Muff (Holmes Chapel) v K Rudman (Tormorden), J Wilcox (Crossgates) v R Swift (Rotherham), D Scott (Silsden) v A Jackson (Chadderton), L Heaton (Chorley) v J Wilcox (Crossgates), P Turner (Hebden Bridge) v M Vernon (Winsford), P Wilcox (Crossgates) v A Hill (Athersley).