FEGLIFederal Employees' Group Life Insurance
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While Judy (the ex-wife) was clearly the named beneficiary, thanks to a series of conflicting federal and state laws, a dispute ensued that ultimately called into question who was the rightful recipient of the FEGLI benefits.
However, an applicable provision of the Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance Act (FEGLIA), the federal law that created FEGLI benefits, further contradicts the Virginiastatute.
Supreme Court resolved the issue for good, deciding unanimously, 9-0, to affirm the Virginia Supreme Court's decision to award Judy the FEGLI benefits.
Therefore, had Congress desired that FEGLI benefits be awarded to someone other than a person named on the beneficiary form -- say, perhaps, a current spouse -- they could have passed legislation to do so.
Life insurance proceeds were includable in a federal judge's estate where the judge attempted to assign a FEGLI policy which was not assignable at the time of the attempted assignment.
FEGLI has used those accounts from MetLife for quite some time, according to Madden: "MetLife has been pleased to serve as the primary insurer and sole administrator for the Federal Employees Group Life Insurance ('FEGLI') program since its inception in 1954.
Eligible employees make their FEGLI Open Season elections through their agencys human resources office.
There will be a one-year delayed effective date for coverage elected through the September 2016 FEGLI Open Season.
Because there is no medical underwriting for FEGLI Open Season elections, the delayed effective date is necessary to maintain stable premiums for enrollees.
Enrollees should be careful to elect all FEGLI coverage they want on their Open Season election, not just the coverage they want to add or increase.
If enrollees are satisfied with their current FEGLI coverage, they do not need to take any action during the Open Season.