FEGSFundación Escuela de Gerencia Social (Spanish; Ministry of People's Power for Planning and Development; Venezuela)
FEGSFederation Employment and Guidance Service, Inc (Long Island, New York)
FEGSFederation of European Genetical Societies
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I'm not a tight person but it gets annoying on the forth or fifth cadged feg. Even my witty but subtle, "They sell them in shops now, ya know" doesn't deter.
FEGS announced that it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the U.S.
Howard Clemens, CEO of ETC, said, “We are proud to be working with FEGS. Six different college tours have taken place since the three-year contract was awarded last year.
The AMCA standard focuses on defining a fan efficiency metric, called a fan efficiency grade (FEG) based on the aerodynamic quality of the fan separate from its motor and drive.
Air Command is organized into six force element groups (FEGs).
New Defence Secretary, John Reid - a man who for years suffered anti-social elements hanging around his Hillsborough home - has instructed the armed forces to shoot on sight anyone trying to enter England carrying farls (either soda or potato), fegs, Tayto crisps, and chips on their shoulders about "British oppression" or the "betrayal of our sacrifice at the Somme".
Gershwin, MD, MMM, CPE, FACPE is the medical director of the WeCARE Program at FEGS Health and Human Services System in New York City.