FEGSEMField Emission Gun Scanning Electron Microscope
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Combining the information obtained from XRD and FEGSEM, two effects are to be noted for the samples prepared using SSE + EFM.
001], extent of exfoliation, number of clay platelets in stacks--all calculated from the XRD data, and the number of aggregates calculated from FEGSEM (microdispersion).
Figure 7 presents the FEGSEM photos for NPQ120, NPQ100, and NPQ60.
The FEGSEM micrograph indicates poor dispersion for this sample.
Aggregates with various extents were observed in all of the PNC specimens by FEGSEM, indicating strong clay--clay interaction during melt compounding.
Apart from their nanodistribution, characterized by TEM and XRD analysis in a previous paper (23), the distribution of the clay particles in the materials at the micro-scale was also characterized by FEGSEM (Hitachi S4700) observations and image analysis.
These fractographic observations were done using a Hitachi S4700 FEGSEM, after a platine layer was deposited on the fracture surfaces by ion sputtering.