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FEHFire Emblem Heroes (video game)
FEHFord Escape Hybrid (Ford Motor Company model)
FEHFlying Eye Hospital (ORBIS International)
FEHFédération des Enseignes de l'Habillement (French: Federation of Clothing Stores)
FEHFonds pour l'Emploi Hospitalier (French: Hospital Employment Fund)
FEHFlood Estimation Handbook (UK)
FEHFondation des Enfants d'Haïti (French: Foundation for Children in Haiti)
FEHFédération Européenne d'Herboristerie (French: European Federation of Herbalism; Belgium)
FEHFocal Epithelial Hyperplasia
FEHFemme-Enfant-Hématologie (French: Mother-Child Hematology)
FEHFundamentals of Engineering for Honors
FEHFlaw Evaluation Handbook (nuclear)
FEHFair Employment and Housing Act of 1963 (California)
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brasilense did not increase the FEH or SD in corn plants during the 2012/2013 growing season but positively affected these measurements in the 2013/2014 agricultural year.
Agricultural year 2012/2013 Grazing management PH (m) FEH (m) SD (m) NG 1.
The study was a situational analysis of forensic psychiatric service provision at FEH, Eastern Cape.
A questionnaire designed to collect data on the number of observations conducted, State patients admitted, average length of stay and staff categories and numbers employed during the study period was submitted to the forensic psychiatry service at FEH for comment and edition.
The bed utilisation rate at FEH was calculated as follows: number of observanda admitted/capacity*100.
Histologically, the trademark of FEH is dramatic acanthosis of the oral epithelium.
As reported in past studies, removal of FEH lesions may not be necessary except in cases of chronic trauma and aesthetic concerns.
Setting the diagnosis of FEH is important to ensure differential diagnosis from other more serious conditions including inflammatory fibrous hyperplasia, inflammatory papillary hyperplasia, verruciform xanthoma, verrucous carcinoma, condyloma acuminatum, Cowden's Syndrome, Crohn's disease, and Amyloidosis.
The most common location for oral warts in HIV-infected patients is the labial and buccal mucosa, and the most common clinical presentation is multifocal flat lesions resembling FEH.
The agreement will allow Qualcomm and FEH to showcase mobile and Electronic Vehicle technologies globally through an exhilarating sport and demonstrate how current and future generations all over the world can benefit from wireless, sustainable technology on- and-off the track.
As a leader in the mobile space, Qualcomm will advise FEH in their quest to incorporate new and more sustainable technologies into the racing series.