FEHAFair Employment and Housing Act (California)
FEHACalifornia Fair Employment and Housing Act
FEHAFlorida Environmental Health Association
FEHAFerruginous Hawk (bird species Buteo regalis)
FEHAFederal Hall National Memorial (US National Park Service)
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SB 970: Amends the FEHA to require employers in the hotel and motel industry (excluding bed and breakfast inns) to provide at least 20 minutes of training and education regarding human trafficking awareness to employees who are likely to interact or come into contact with victims of human trafficking.
While conducting carcass searches, we opportunistically recorded FEHA activity in the subcolonies.
To compare the truly happy face category with the non-happy and the blended expression categories (see Table 1), we conducted a 13 (expression: happy, angry, sad, disgusted, fearful, surprise, neutral, AnHa, SaHa, DiHa, FeHa, SuHa, and NeHa) x 3 (eye-mouth distance) ANOVA on the probability of categorizing the eyes as happy.
The court found that the sheriff was entitled to deference in his policy judgment to implement the department policy that only female deputies would be assigned to female-only housing units and in determining whether the policy was reasonably necessary to achieve issues of safety and privacy and to ensure normal operation of the jails, as required to establish a bona fide occupational qualification as a defense to the deputies' claims of employment discrimination under Title VII and California's Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA).
En contraste, en los emparejamientos de las caras alegres con las distractoras mixtas, la probabilidad de aciertos supero el nivel de azar para las caras con ojos de enfado (ANHA), t(19) = 3.54, p < .01, asco (DIHA), t(19) = 3.88,p < .01, y tristeza (SAHA), t(19) = 2.86,p < .01, pero no para las caras con ojos de miedo (FEHA; p = .10), sorpresa (SUHA; p = .18), o neutros (NEHA; p = .88).
(10) Garland filed a complaint with the California Fair Employment and Housing Commission (FEHA) claiming that Cal Fed had violated California's Pregnancy Disability Leave Law.
Wapner is the Human Resources Regulatory Coordinator for the East Bay Municipal Utility District in charge of the "alphabet soup" of DOT, EAP, ADA, FEHA, FLMA, and other mandated HR programs.
Summary: The young artist Isaf will star in his first film "Al Hikayah Feha Mino" (Something Fishy going on)
Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, I proudly give you "El Balad Di Feha Hekouma" (This Country Has a Government), in which director Abdel Aziz Hashad takes the meaty theme of corruption and boils it down into an insipid tasteless liquid.
provisions of the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), including
In California, the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) covers the law against sexual harassment.