FEHDFood and Environmental Hygiene Department (Hong Kong)
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The preliminary results for trials of a new mosquito trap design conducted by the FEHD since May also show it effectively prevented mosquitoes from breeding.
An FEHD spokesman said today (July 8), "The FEHD launched the eight-week anti-rodent operation in designated target areas on May 6, with multi-pronged strategies including improving environmental hygiene, and stepping up rodent disinfestation and enforcement actions, to carry out targeted rodent prevention and control work in the districts.
With: Nadia Kounda, Mourade Zegnendi, Ouidad Elma, Nadia Niazi, Fehd Benchemsi, Omar Lotfi, Siham Assif, Raouia, Narjiss Nejjar.
During the operation, FEHD officers found about 12 650 kilograms of chilled poultry meat and game with official health certificates on the premises.
The community should also remain vigilant and take effective mosquito prevention and control measures together," an FEHD spokesman said.
Mais la scene peut se lire aussi au deuxieme degre a savoir que c'est quasiment le making of d'un tournage oE Faouzi Bensaidi, realisateur, dirige ses acteurs, Fehd et Imane, et leur demande de s'embrasser...ou encore, a un niveau plus symbolique, c'est l'institution censee sevir contre les atteintes aux bonnes moeurs invitent deux jeunes a s'embrasser...au cinema!
The central character, disabled thirtysomething dreamer X (Said Bey, Dubai feet actor winner), works as a clerk at the Ministry of War, and shares a shabby apartment with longtime friend and colleague Ney (Fehd Benchemsi, like Bey, with refreshingly imperfect teeth).
An FEHD spokesman said today (April 10), "The Government has been actively examining proposals to improve the handling of abortuses in a holistic manner, including the provision of facilities.
A list of licensed food premises is available on the FEHD's website (www.fehd.gov.hk/english/licensing/index.html).
An FEHD spokesman said, "The FEHD launched a two-month anti-rodent operation in designated target areas on October 8, and adopted multi-pronged strategies including improving environmental hygiene, rodent disinfestation and enforcement action to carry out targeted anti-rodent work.
The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) announced (December 18) that the monthly territory-wide ovitrap index for Aedes albopictus dropped further, from 2.2 per cent in October to 0.8 per cent in November, indicating that the infestation of Aedes albopictus in the areas surveyed was not extensive.