FEIIFormosa Electronic Industries Inc. (Taiwan)
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El cambio en la absorbancia ([DELTA]A593 nm) entre la lectura final seleccionada y la lectura de MI se calculo para cada muestra y se relaciono con A593 nm de una solucion estandar de FeII probada en paralelo.
If pure HCl acid is used, the term [P.sub.[beta]] is given as a function of Ferrous (FeII) and Ferric (FeIII) ion concentration ([I.sub.2] and [I.sub.3] , respectively) in ppm as follows:
At that time, without oxygen, the world was full of sulfide, or hydrogen sulfide, metallic iron, dissolved iron in the FeII state, and all the saturated hydrocarbons that had been formed since the beginning of life under reducing conditions.
(22.) Il se peut qu'Anne Eisner ait pense a l'oeuvre de Gauguin, Aha oe feii (Eh quoi!
Treatment A (20 mM [H.sub.2][O.sub.2], 0.142 MPa) and B (5 mM FeII: 20 mM [H.sub.2][O.sub.2], 0.257 MPa) showed no significant difference from each other.
Discovering a happy overlap between Valley-speak and art history, Delia Brown copped hers from Gauguin, no less, who called a painting of 1892 Aha oe feii?, a phrase he translated "What, are you jealous?" as part of a yarn about the good life in Tahiti.