FEJUVEFederación de Juntas Vecinales de El Alto (Spanish: Federation of Neighborhood Councils of El Alto; El Alto, Bolivia)
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The FEJUVE brought media attention to two basic problems with the service offered by the private provider, Aguas del Illimani.
With the help of activists from the Coordinadora, the FEJUVE began to negotiate with the government in July 2004 to try to get the government regulator to change the terms of the contract.
At the insistence of the FEJUVE, the government commissioned an independent audit of the companies' investment activities over its eight years of service (1997-2005).
Las Federaciones de Juntas de Vecinos (FEJUVE) que agrupan a las organizaciones barriales al nivel municipal se volvieron actores clave a partir del fin de los ai?1/2os 1990.
Como la gran mayori?1/2a de la poblacii?1/2n de la ciudad es obrera o trabaja en el sector informal, la COB y la FEJUVE aparecen como organizaciones casi gemelas.
En la FEJUVE, por ejemplo, cada junta de barrio es responsable de "bloquear" su sector, y de velar que todos acaten el paro.
Para los emigrantes que se asentaban y construian un barrio en El Alto, la organizacion de la junta vecinal proveia cierta continuidad organizativa y les permitia incorporarse a una estructura politica establecida como la Fejuve (Federacion de Juntas Vecinales).
Tensions relaxed somewhat after Abel Mamani, head of the Federacion de Juntas Vecinales de El Alto (Fejuve) and a key protest leader, declared a truce while he consulted with other leaders on whether to lift more than 70 highway blockades that have isolated major cities across Bolivia.
Cossio's resignation allowed Rodriguez to take the reins and engineer a pact between the government and Fejuve.
In his speech, Mesa singled out Evo Morales, head of the Movimiento A Socialismo (MAS), and Abel Mamani, head of the Federacion de Juntas Vecinales (Fejuve), a group based in El Alto, a city on the outskirts of La Paz and scene of radical protests against privatized water service.
I don't know why the president mentioned me as if I was responsible for his resignation." Fejuve is calling for the removal of the French-owned Aguas de Illimani, which provides water to the city.