FEKFile Encryption Key
FEKFriedrich Ebert Krankenhaus (German: Friedrich Ebert Hospital; Germany)
FEKFrequency Exchange Keying
FEKFractional Potassium Excretion (renal physiology)
FEKFetal Equine Kidney
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The initial goal of this research was to identify shRNA-expressing constructs that would render transgenic FEK cell lines resistant to EIAV infection.
Renal potassium loss = hypokalemia with FEK > 6.5% or 24-hour urine potassium > 20 mEq per day.
Can't every actor?' Then when I got the part I had the instantaneous reaction of, 'Fek, I can't ride a horse.' So I took a crash course a week-and-a-half before it started, thinking it would just be like driving.
Greece ratified the Visby Rules in 1992 with the adoption of Nomos 2107/1992, FEK A 203, online: NOMOS <lawdb.intrasoftnet.com/nomos/nomos_ffame.html>.
EDAX ZAF Quantification (Standardless) Element Normalized SEC Table: Default Element Wt % At % S K 6.22 11.61 FeK 2.90 3.11 CuK 77.48 73.00 ZnK 13.40 12.27 Total 100.00 100.00 Element Net Inte.
This significant enhancement is attributed to the FEK of the TPAC in SCR.
fek.handels.gu.se/digitalAssets/1344/1344735_2006_med-delande_ 122_karlskrona-gdynia.pdf
coli FEK was fully resistant to all [beta]-lactam antimicrobial drugs, including imipenem, meropenem, ertapenem, and doripenem (MICs >32 mg/L for all carbapenems).
The festival fek borderless and expansive--a great parallel to the ideas at hand.
Elem Wt% At% OK 22,62 38,00 MgK 0,61 0,67 AIK 13,44 13,39 SiK 28,80 27,56 KK 0,87 0,60 CaK 18,88 12,66 FeK 14,79 7,12 Total 100,00 100,00
Siempre, es lo que les digo, es mas rico que otra persona participe porque enriquece; cada uno es diferente y les ha gustado a los ninos" (entrevista a bibliotecaria en la fek, 6 de febrero de 2008).