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FEKOFederation of English Karate Organisations
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The banners included some of Embrace's campaign slogans -- "Talking saves lives" and "Feko El 3e2de."
In this paper, the S-parameter of the network is calculated by using FEKO, which is a commercial software package for numerical solving of three-dimensional electromagnetic field.
The results of the received electric fields obtained from AntOpt in blue are compared to those from the commercial software FEKO [42] based on MoM, as shown in red in Figure 6.
Figure 3 shows that the RCS results of 0.25 m sphere models computed from the periodic PSA still agree well with FEKO and MLFMA.
In Table 1, SDFM shows much lower computational complexity and higher efficiency than the MLFMM solver in FEKO, so it has an obvious priority to be applied in the evaluation of scattering from the electrically very large sea surface.
The simulations were carried out in electromagnetic fields simulator FEKO, which uses MoM in combination with other auxiliary methods, such as Finite Element Method, Finite Difference Domain Method, etc.
[29.] FEKO Suite 6.3 EM Software & Systems, Inc., USA www.feko.info.
EM Software & Systems specialises in the development of the commercial code FEKO that is used in the segments of antenna design, antenna placement, electromagnetic compatibility analysis and bioelectromagnetics, among others.
The results have been compared with those derived by using UCBF and MoM(FEKO).
Now, the obtained radiation characteristics are compared with the results of the commercial simulation FEKO to show validity.
The antenna is modeled in the FEKO electromagnetic simulator to replicate antenna characteristics.