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FEKOFederation of English Karate Organisations
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A study on patch antenna over reactive impedance surface using FEKO," 2007 IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society International Symposium, Honolulu, HI, 2007, pp.
The simulations were carried out in electromagnetic fields simulator FEKO, which uses MoM in combination with other auxiliary methods, such as Finite Element Method, Finite Difference Domain Method, etc.
With this transaction, Altair adds FEKO to its HyperWorks offering and enhances its simulation portfolio in the aerospace, automotive and shipbuilding industries, it explained.
The model of the antenna used in FEKO electromagnetic simulator is shown in Figure 1.
8(b) reveals that the accuracy of PMM is acceptable compared with MOM from FEKO in the range near the main lobe.
And the electromagnetic simulation tool FEKO is used to calculate the current distributions and terminal voltages on the antennas.
TROPHY TIME: Imaad Owarth, Josh Holian, Heider Ali and Danyaal Mahood won Under-10 team gold for Middlesbrough's Sokudo Karate Club at the FEKO Open Team Championships in Nottingham
As a student majoring in electromagnetics, the FEKO software gives us so many resources and tools to solve EM problems.
Because of this, a new computation based on moment method in FEKO software, has been done.
In another example, the FEKO software application was used to simulate the EMC behavior of aircraft made with carbon-fiber reinforced composite materials.
The electric field distribution of the YOZ section in this wave guide is compared with FEKO as in Fig.
For frequency domain numerical simulation we used a Method of Moment [26], implemented in FEKO environment (EM Software & Systems, South Africa) and a Finite Element Method developed in the frequency domain of CST MW Studio.