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FELFree Electron Laser
FELFoundation for Early Learning (various organizations)
FELFlorida Electronic Library
FELFelini (gaming)
FELFlandra Esperanto-Ligo (Esperanto: Flemish Esperanto League; Belgium)
FELFlywheel End Left
FELFédération des Étudiants Libéraux (French: Liberal Students Federation; Belgium)
FELFédération des Étudiants Lyonnais (French: Lyonnais Federation of Students; Lyon, France)
FELFlash Exposure Lock (cameras)
FELFamily Emission Limit
FELFuture Event List (computer programming)
FELFoundation for Endangered Languages
FELFamilial Erythrophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis
FELFront End Load(ing)
FELFair Employment Law (Wisconsin)
FELFirst Edition Library (book)
FELFedora Electronic Lab (simulation platform hardware)
FELFujitsu Europe, Ltd.
FELFuture Economic Loss (Workplace Safety and Insurance Act 1998, Canada)
FELFront Elevation
FELFluids Engineering Laboratory (Japan)
FELFamily Education Loan (various programs)
FELFrank Effect Level
FELFirst Element Launch
FELFixed Equity Loan (mortgages)
FELFallen Empire: Legions (gaming)
FELFujikura Europe Limited (UK)
FELFull Employment League
FELFree Elastic Limit
FELFaltec Europe Limited (Japan)
FELFederal Explosives License/permit
FELFysisch Electronisch Laboratorium (Nederlandse Organisatie voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek)
FELFeature Exchange Language
FELFederal Emission Limit
FELFire Extinguisher License
FELFeldberg Radio Relay (Germany)
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It added, guidance had been sought to receive earliest dispatch of electricity to national grid since the FEL power plants were ready and set to transmit power.
A total of 137 papers were found related to dietary management of non communicable disease; after title and abstract screening 57 papers were related to FEL while only 14 papers fulfilled the inclusion criteria of the study which are presented as Table-I.
Quentin Saulter, FEL program manager for the Navy's research arm, said the implications of the FEL's progress are monumental.
FEL operators can adjust the wavelength of the laser's emitted light by adjusting the distance between the magnets in the wiggler.
However, possibly the most important change to the FEL is in its ease of "tunability"--the ease with which a frequency of light can be selected.
An FEL device will be capable of equally efficient operation over this wide span of frequencies once a practical way of shortening or lengthening the space between the magnets is found.
Nevertheless, the possibility is worth investigating because FELs are "elegant," tunable over a fairly wide range of wavelengths (unlike other kinds of lasers), and have possible efficiencies up to 99 percent (although a few percent is the best attained experimentally so far).
FEL 2/13 contains a number of Cretaceous submarine channels that cross the licence from west to east and that feed submarine fans developed in LO 16/19.
Carry out pilot experiments with the FEL beam to demonstrate its potential use.
FEL cyn athro Ffiseg hyffordwyd fi ar gywirder gwaith a iaith a phob dydd Mercher daw y bensil goch allan cyn darllen yr Herald.
The fireworks were rescued by a donation from Gerald Fels and his wife, Marilyn T.
and Keppel FELS Limited plan to form a joint venture company to be named FloaTEC, LLC.