FELCOFederation of English Language Course Organisations (UK)
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But there's one present acceptable to absolutely any gardener - and that's Felco pruners.
Felco 7 professional quality pruning shears (far left).
Get PS10 off Felco No 7 Secateurs at mrdigwell.com and listen to my podcasts at mirror.co.uk/ mrdigwell
The catalog also offers consumers handy-dandy stuff like flower pot hangers and Felco pruners.
Have you longed for years for one of those elegant Felco anvil-blade pruners -- the kind that has red handles, massive Swiss-steel blades, and a flat steel coil spring behind the hinge and that comes in both right and left-handed versions -- but couldn't justify the $40 price?
Regular readers of this column know I advocate a number of favourites that rarely fail to perform well, such as the old favourite Felco secateurs, the Wolf range of snap-on garden tools and the Hawes range of watering cans made right here in the West Midlands.
Elsner also has a strong position in the domestic retail market under the Felco brand.
Ltd, PT Bekasi Dyeing and finishing Sinar Tanjung Sari, PT Bandung Knitted fabrics Indahantex, PT Bandung Weaving, dyeing, printing & finishing Daegu Texindo, PT Bogor Dyeing & printing Felco Indonesia, PT Tangrang Other textile Sinar T.
Consider this-my white pillared house, my stainless Felco shears, my calla lily anemone Abraham Darby garden.
Most gardeners require secateurs for pruning and cutting, secateurs made by Felco are of the highest quality available and professional gardeners swear by them.
Felco is a good brand, I've used them all my life and I buy them for the team.
It also features state-of-the-art landscaping tools from such companies as Wolf, Corona, Felco and Union.