FELICFate of Early Lesions in Children
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The pathetic reality that unfolds itself in people like Felic Harufa and Koranta brings to the fore how simple folk are able to create their own narrow philosophy out of personal tragedy and to reject an individual.
It is more than clear when we explain that the water we drink goes only through basic purification treatments, without the need for any additional - special treatments like it is the case in some a lot more developed countries,' said Damir Felic, director of the public utility company "Vodovod" in Bihac.
We will give them free land lots to enable them to start their agricultural production, and after a while register their activity," said Mersiha Felic, the project manager from the Swiss Caritas.
Design and analysis of high-throughput lossless image compression engine using VLSI-oriented FELICS algorithm.
Estas formulas corteses se adaptan tambien a los momentos especificos del ano (siendo el frances particularmente rico en estas formulas de cortesia), como por ejemplo, "joyeux anniversaire" (feliz cumpleanos), "bonnes vacances"(felices vacaciones), "bonneannee"(felizano) e incluso <<joyeuses soldes>> (felices promociones), ejemplo observado en un afiche del metro parisiense en el que se hacia la publicidad de un gran almacen con motivo de las rebajas de invierno, en enero de 2005.