FELICITAFerro-Electric Liquid-Crystal Devices for Information Technology Applications
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They are not, it is said, very brilliant, in a musical point of view, but contain numberless good-natured, simple appeals to the affections, which people understood better than the milk-and-water lagrime, sospiri, and felicita of the eternal Donizettian music with which we are favoured now-a-days.
Introduzione al mondo: notizie minime sopra gli spacciatori di felicita published by Scepsi & Mattana editori in 2012 is his first poetry collection.
9) I volatili sono quelli che donano al protagonista la felicita del gioco, del canto e della musica.
Felicita learns to overcome her prejudice while living with the Hobs and spending time with lannik.
FELICITA (Al telefono, su voz metalica, monotona, como el ruido de una maquina).
Both Lady Marian and her Shamardal half-brother, who is due to go under the hammer next week in Book 2 of Tattersalls' October yearling sales, are the result of La Felicita visiting stallions during their first year at stud.
With Gonzalo and Felicita Mendez (Felicitas to family and friends), the families filed a class-action lawsuit in 1945 on behalf of more than 5,000 Mexican American students in Orange County.
In 1945, Felicita and her husband Gonzalo Mendez, a naturalized American citizen born in Mexico, sued the Board of Education of Westminster County when their children were refused admittance to a public school in Southern California on account of their skin color (they were considered "too dark") and their surname.
Su familia lo felicita y le desea lo mejor de la vida a este inteligente nino.
La Universidad Catolica de Santiago de Guayaquil en reconocimiento a los meritos academicos, profesionales y personales felicita al Econ.
The percentage of nalidixic acid-resistant Salmonella enteritidis isolates increased significantly, from 1% to 5%, between 1996 and 2003, Felicita Medalla, M.
El Presidente de la Republica felicita al equipo de Hugo Sanchez y afirma que su triunfo no es solo de ellos sino de Mexico entero (?