FELOFar Eastern Liaison Office (military propaganda)
FELOForeign Executives in Local Organisations
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The prevalent opinion, among such of those emigrants who were over-running the country, as had time, in the multitude of their employments, to think of any foreign concerns, was the simple and direct conclusion that the absent bride was no more nor less than a felo de se.
He advised me if ever I felt like it not to commit a--a barren felo de se, but to let the Sheshaheli do it.
Frick Award Winner Felo Ramirez," BaseballHall.org, http://baseballhall.org/discover/awards/ford-c-frick/felo-ramirez, last accessed June 2, 2016.
In Cunningham's 1771 edition, subsection three is labeled: "How far their want of understanding shall be said to prejudice them in civil and criminal cases," and nested under that heading is the subsection "Criminal cases." (261) This subsection opens: "It is laid down as a general rule, that ideots and lunaticks, being by reason of their natural disabilities incapable of judging between good and evil, are punishable by no criminal prosecution whatsoever." (262) The subsection proceeds to note that an idiot or lunatic who commits suicide does not qualify as felo de se.
Consider also examples of self-inflicted death which are described as infortunium in the Coroner'sinquest but marked felo de se in the margin of those entries: Matilda Poncher is said to have hanged herself by mischance ('per infortunium se suspendit) in the 1364 Cambridgeshire Coroners roll, but the margin is marked felo de se (TNA, JUST 2/21, m.
TXL + C Western medicine 2007 [48] Zhu, 2011 TXL + C Felo dipine [49] sustained release tablets (2.5-5.0 mg) Rao, 2009 TXL + C Nifedipine [50] controlled release tablets (10 mg bid); Captopril (25 mg tid) Mo et al.
Walmsley's, covered with scraps of paper." [...] the witnesses had been Frederick Angell, a Mary Foster, and a William Halmsley (Walmsley?); [...] The verdict seems to have been Felo de se.
Real Madrid - Ariquistain (Barnera), Casado, Miera, Muller (Zoco), Santamaria, Pachin, Bueno (Felo) (Ruiz), Amancio (Yanko), Di Stefano, Puskas, Gento.
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