FEMATForest Ecosystem Management Assessment Team
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199) The open, balanced approach of the ISC presented quite a contrast to the subsequent FEMAT advisory process, which violated ten provisions of the FACA.
This temporary but 100 percent reduction in sales (when extended to BLM lands by Judge Frye's injunction) created the policy window for FEMAT and President Clinton to propose a 75 percent permanent reduction for all federal lands in the region.
281) This was Judge Dwyer's interpretation of Forest Service biologists' amendment of NFMA regulations, which FEMAT and the Secretaries of Agriculture and Interior would later extend to all federal lands with Judge Dwyer's sanction.
333) But this presidential and high level administrative action was not accorded the same interpretation or deference that Judge Dwyer would subsequently give to the Clinton Administration's FEMAT effort.
411) By that time, President Clinton had held a forest conference in Portland and the FEMAT planning exercise was already underway.
The FEMAT evaluation said that compared with the option that would have preserved all old growth, Option 9 would make more than 400 species more isolated in their distribution and more vulnerable to extinction.
But the economic assessment included in the FEMAT report suggests that the administration's concerns about timber supply are overblown.
81) The FEMAT Report discusses a number of such species which depend upon old growth and late successional forests.
145) FEMAT Report, supra note 81, at IV 43, IV-15:3.