FEMATForest Ecosystem Management Assessment Team
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To allow individuals to express their level of uncertainty in assessing the overall level of extinction risk facing the species, the "likelihood point" method, often referred to as the FEM AT method was adopted because it is a variation of a method used by scientific teams evaluating options under the Forest Plan (Forest Ecosystem Management: An Ecological, Economic, and Social Assessment Report of the Forest Ecosystem Management Assessment Team, or FEMAT) (FEMAT 1993).
Two former governors from the conservative Partido Accion Nacional (PAN), Luis Fernando Reynoso Femat (2004-2010) of Aguascalientes and Guillermo Padres EHas (2009-2015) of Sonora, have also faced corruption charges in recent years (SourceMex, May 21, 2014, and July 15, 2015).
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