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FEMBOTFemale Robot (Bionic Woman TV show)
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As such, the very premise and technological design of Ashley Madison, as well as the engineering of a fembot army, privileges and reproduces norms of heterosexual monogamy in Western society.
This lovely fembot described the rest of her look: The jewelry is all different stuff from over the years, and some new things that I just borrowed.
Not surprisingly in our feminist age, much of the buzz surrounding Ex Macbina has echoed Steve Rose of the British Guardian, who noted that female robots in popular cinema "have traditionally been vehicles for the worst male tendencies." As "literally objectified women," they have either been "unquestioningly subservient and/or sexually obliging," like the suburban automatons in The Stepford Wives (1975), or programmed to use sex as a weapon, like the "fembots" in the 1997 comedy Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.
Air Force Academy teammates put on their pink, "Fembot" team helmets.
Other highlights are Fembot, with great robotic backing voices; sad pop song Dancing On My Own, which resembles hit With Every Hearbeat; None of Dem featuring Royksopp, and Dance Hall Queen, fused with ska rhythm.
The Swedish pop star starts off with Don't *** Tell Me What To Do - a jumpy electro track with pent-up lyrics, through Fembot with great robotic backing voices.
It's part of a larger campaign for a fashion line described as having a "futuristic feel, very fembot."
What most people do not know, however, is that this blinking, smiling, frowning, talking "fembot" was first made public in 2006.
Meanwhile, Bender's hardware overheats when he falls in love with the wrong fembot and Leela goes on the run from the Government.
So, instead of Robert Patrick's liquid metal number, you get T-X, an energy-based fembot (played by long legged icy cool by Kristanna Loken) with the ability to shape shift, control other machines, run DNA samples with her tongue and, especially useful when you've been pulled over by a traffic cop, inflate her breasts.
We capture these properties and insights about human conversation in the FMBT (pronounced fembot) model.