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FEMBOTFemale Robot (Bionic Woman TV show)
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4) In addition to these automated messages, fembot profiles also demonstrated suspicious behaviour, such as signing in at the exact same time everyday and staying actively online throughout the day, including on holidays such as Christmas (Newitz, 2015b, 2015c).
Meanwhile, Bender's hardware overheats when he falls in love with the wrong fembot and Leela goes on the run from the Government.
So, instead of Robert Patrick's liquid metal number, you get T-X, an energy-based fembot (played by long legged icy cool by Kristanna Loken) with the ability to shape shift, control other machines, run DNA samples with her tongue and, especially useful when you've been pulled over by a traffic cop, inflate her breasts.
Besides these flagship specs, there are more than 20 products in the Optic Nerve line, from the Austin Powers-inspired Fembot to the Gen-X Grasshopper.
The lab nickname for her robot, the fembot, came from the scantily clad, electronic beauties that fooled espionage goofball Austin Powers in The Spy Who Shagged Me.
New York, Feb 20 (ANI): Giving a jolt to Victoria Beckham's fashion ambitions, American department store Saks Fifth Avenue has dropped her fembot denim line, dVb.
But it goes without saying that a stature like hers comes in very useful when you're playing the world's deadliest fembot in an incredibly physically-demanding action movie.
The crowds cheered wildly at this year's National Botball Tournament, as FEMBOT, a robot created by the all-girls team from Oak Ridge High School in California boldly flung itself across the arena, Lego arms extended, shoving its Ping-Pong balls across the arena into the opponent's goal.
She appeared dressed in her bra, then as a fembot, then with a toy monkey and her high heels sticking out of a window (all very standard).