FEMDFundamental Equation of Monetary Dynamics (Maurice Allais theory)
FEMDFar East Military District
FEMDFlorida Emergency Management Division
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The class-wise F-Score comparison between our approach and FEMD is given in Figure 15.
Caption: Figure 15: F-Score comparison between proposed approach and FEMD [15].
The comparison of the proposed method and a state-of-art method FEMD is performed on data set 2.
Moreover, the proposed method outperforms the state-of-art FEMD on an image collection of hand gestures.
0 99 1 1 100 2 7 91 1 1 3 100 4 99 1 5 3 97 6 99 1 7 2 1 9 88 8 7 93 9 100 0 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 TABLE 4: The confusion matrix of FEMD on data set 2 (from [25]).
The FEMD: Fourteen FEMD items represent generally the emotional and functional responses to dysmenorrhea.
The mean scores of each FEMD Functional and Emotional scale, and of each ZKPQ personality trait scale in the two groups were analyzed by a repeated ANOVA.
The dysmenorrhea sufferers scored significantly higher on the FEMD scales (repeated ANOVA: group effect, F (1,189) 50357.65, p=0.00, MSE=50357.65; scale effect, F (1,189)=25.10, p=0.00, MSE=124.80; group X scale interaction effect, F (1,189)=44.99, p=0.00, MSE=223.75).
In dysmenorrhea sufferers, FEMD Emotional scale was significantly positively correlated with ZKPQ Activity (n=49, r=0.29, p=0.02).
Our sufferers, in addition, scored significantly higher on ZKPQ Impulsive Sensation Seeking and on both FEMD Functional and Emotional scales than the healthy women did.
In dysmenorrhea sufferers, the FEMD Emotional score had a positive link with ZKPQ Activity score.
Development of a Functional and Emotional Measure of Dysmenorrhea (FEMD) in Chinese university women.