FEMIPFacility for Euro-Mediterranean Investment and Partnership (est. 2002)
FEMIPFacilité Euroméditerranéenne d'investissement et de Partenariat (French; multi-lateral investment fund for the Middle East)
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The FEMIP Conference in Athens also explored options for greater cooperation between the EU the EIB and the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) on the development of the Mediterranean's blue economy'.
The meeting tackled the activities of the FEMIP during the 2010 financial year, its three-year operational plan for 2011-2013 and the undertaken initiatives to support Mediterranean partner countries.
Ello determino que el Consejo Europeo de Bruselas de diciembre de 2003 invitara al BEI (56) a desarrollar y reforzar aun mas la Facilidad, con la creacion de la FEMIP reforzada, que ha introducido a partir de 2004 una serie de importantes novedades (57).
This would, inter alia, make available additional resources (EUR 35 million per year) to finance the FEMIP.
Morocco achieved major developments on matters of public-private partnership (PPP), he affirmed at a press conference on the sidelines of the ninth conference of FEMIP (facility for Euro-Mediterranean investment and partnership) themed "addressing the infrastructure challenge in the Mediterranean: the potential of public-private partnerships.
Operational since October 2002, FEMIP is today a key player in the economic and financial partnership between Europe and the Mediterranean, with over 12.
This seminar served to finalise a study on The legal and financial framework for PPP in the FEMIP countries'(3) on financing of the FEMIP trust fund.
This was asserted, on 10 May, by the Vice-President of the European Investment Bank (EIB), Philippe de Fontaine Vive, in Valencia, during the energy conference organised by FEMIP (Facility for Euro-Mediterranean Investment and Partnership).
Worth noting that Tunisia had recommended, as part of its chairmanship of the Euro-Mediterranean parliamentary council (March 2006-March 2007), the changing of FEMIP into a Euro- Mediterranean development bank.
8 billion a year in financial support to the region, through the MEDA program and the FEMIP facility.
On 26 October 2015 in Luxembourg, the European Investment Bank (EIB) hosted the 15th FEMIP Conference in partnership with the Luxembourgish Presidency of the Council of the European Union, and the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM).
He believes that this "requires the EU's enhanced technical assistance to adapt production to European standards, an EIB [European Investment Bank] support for microcredit programs, a focus on SME financing by the FEMIP [Facility for Euro-Mediterranean Investment and Partnership], the fastest possible ratification of the extension of the EBRD [European Bank for Reconstruction and Development] mandate [ ] and more visa facilities for students and business leaders".