FEMMAFoldable Electronic Memory Module Assembly
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2"-high, 1GB and 512MB, Registered ECC FEMMA memory modules in their systems, Tyan Thunder K7 customers, can now market fully configured, reliable systems.
The FEMMA SODIMM is available for sampling, please contact Kentron Technologies at (978) 988-9100 for more information.
25", 1GB FEMMA module is the latest innovation in Kentron's family of high density, high-speed 1GB memory platforms better known as "The Gig".
25" FEMMA module has been especially designed to work in the 1U server platforms, which require ultra-low profile memory modules to fit in these tighter spaces.
The power of the FEMMA platform is in its great flexibility," said Bob Goodman, Kentron Technologies CEO.
25" high, PC133, registered, ECC, 1GB, 168-pin FEMMA memory module will be available for sampling in January 2001.
FEMMA utilizes this technology to provide price/performance leading, high-density memory platforms required in the Internet Infrastructure and Telecom environments.
Designed and simulated to run on 100/133Mhz clock, Kentron's 1GB Registered FEMMA DDR module, doubles the data rate transfer to 200/266Mb/s respectively.
Being part of the FEMMA family, the 1GB Registered FEMMA DDR module incorporates characteristics that have been well recognized by the industry and it's governing bodies.
The 1GB Registered FEMMA DDR module is the newest in a series of highly Reliable, Available, Scalable (RAS) products.
The scalable 1GB Registered FEMMA DDR memory module is another example of Kentron's continued commitment to provide leading products to meet its customer's requirements, while developing next generation memory devices.