FEMOFire Effects Monitor (Wildland Fire/Incident Command System)
FEMOFree-Electron Molecular Orbital
FEMOFiber-Edge Magneto-Optic
FEMOFeminist Movements and Organizations Program (Association for Women's Rights in Development)
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Cumulative gross defaults (loans with eight and 12 unpaid instalments in the FEMO series and HELIC, respectively) have only marginally increased during the period and currently stand at 3.9%, 5.3% and 6% in HELIC, FEMO3 and FEMO5, respectively.
Based on the literature survey FeMo cofactor and ruthenium metal complexes are selected for the analysis because of their greater potential for activation of triple bond in nitrogen.
Therefore, this present study investigated the effects of changes in shielding gas composition on the microstructure and abrasive wear characteristics of coatings in specimens that were surface alloyed with FeCr, FeMo, and FeTi.
No femo would have married Gordon "No Nappies Please, I'm Macho" Ramsay in the first place.
Federal-Mogul Corporation (Federal-Mogul) (OTCBB: FEMO) (NYSE: FMO), a leading global supplier of powertrain and safety technologies, has started production at its new Powertrain Energy business segment facility in Araras, Brazil.
For example, in " 'Doing' Interviewer Roles in TV Interviews," Mie Femo Nielsen adopts Irving Goffman's observation that social roles are bolstered and maintained through acting skills: a person who acts like a leader is recognized as such.
Technological parameters of remelting process Type of Weight share of Mass of metal in one alloy alloying element, % melting, kg FeTi 28--40 60--70 FeTi 60--70 50--55 FeTi 70--80 45--50 FeV 30--40 50--55 FeV 50--60 45--50 FeV 60--70 40--45 FeNb 30--40 45--50 FeNb 50--60 40--45 FeNb 60--70 35--40 FeMo 50--60 30--35 Al--Ti 50--52 45--50 Al--V 50--52 45--50 Al--Nb 50--52 45--50 Type of Electric power Consumption of alloy consumption, kWh/kg argon, 1/kg FeTi 1.0--1.2 70--80 FeTi 1.2--1.5 80--90 FeTi 1.3--1.6 90--100 FeV 1.0--2.3 120--140 FeV 2.1--2.5 125--145 FeV 2.3--2.7 130--150 FeNb 2.2--2.6 120--140 FeNb 2.5--2.8 130--150 FeNb 2.8--3.1 140--160 FeMo 3.3--3.7 150--170 Al--Ti 0.8--1.0 70--80 Al--V 1.0--1.2 75--85 Al--Nb 1.2--1.4 80--90
Toward this end, we have just established "FeMO"--an Iron (Fe)-oxidizing Microbe Observatory--to study these microbes at a site where they are diverse and prolific.
/ en teodor aubanel / de "la Miougrano entre-duberto" / e dou "Pan dou Pecat": / A l'artisto amourouse de l'Amour e de l'Armounio, / Que belo e barbelo a la Beuta e a la Baudour: / Au Felibre flamejant / que troubo e brafo; / A l'Arquin aloubati / que lieu e canto, / que ten en odi li Vieio e li Laidasso / e s'engimerro i frucho-fendudo: / Au Parisen avignounen; / Au Crestian pagan: / Au caste cassaire de charmanti chatouno, / Au Frenat "far-niente" de femo de fio; /Au devot de Sant Peu / Au'abito la Placo Sant Peire: / Que dirai encaro?
The Commission found that between 1997 and the investigation period - which covered the period from October 1, 1999 to September 30, 2000 - EU consumption of FeMo rose 12% from 24,035 tonnes to 26,912 tonnes.
Dance competitions and demonstrations galore are promised plus DJs Delroy, Eddy from Power FM, Rico from Jazz FM, Femo from Salsa Villa London and the man himself DR Rumba.