FEMWATERFinite Element Model for Groundwater (Groundwater Modeling Systems)
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A schematic diagram of the FEMWATER mesh with symbols showing various boundary conditions and the initial groundwater elevation is shown in Fig.
Soil physical parameters used to define the material properties in FEMWATER were determined from saturated hydraulic conductivity and moisture characteristic data for samples collected at the site.
A summary of the material properties, including the van Genuchten (1980) parameters used to define the shape of the moisture characteristic curves used in the FEMWATER simulations, is given in Table 2.
Removal of water by evapotranspiration from the groundwater table, particularly water extraction by plant roots at depth, is difficult to model explicitly by FEMWATER.
Daily groundwater elevation was either from measured piezometer data (for the existing drained simulation) or from the simulated groundwater elevation using FEMWATER (for the weir simulation).