FENAMADFederación Nativa del Rio Madre de Dios y Afluentes (Peru)
FENAMADFederacion Nativa Madre de Dios (Spanish, Peru)
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FENAMAD makes 6 other requests, including that the process and its licence is investigated, that its contract is revised, that the heart of the ACR is kept healthy , and that indigenous peoples vision of development is respected.
three main indigenous nations of FENAMAD sustain their communities
In addition to FENAMAD and WELRP, indigenous movements in Juchitan,
When the government abandoned the posts, he worked with FENAMAD to train indigenous villagers to take over and brokered a deal for the government to pay them.
Victor Kamena, vice president for Native Federation of Madre de Dios (FENAMAD), a coalition of 27 indigenous Peruvian groups, sees the illegal logging as a threat to both the environment and indigenous peoples.