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FENEFinitely Extensible Nonlinear Elastic
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The nonbonded interactions are modeled by the Lennard-Jones (LJ) potential [U.sub.[alpha][beta].sup.LJ], and the connectivity of covalent bonds along the chains is ensured via the FENE potential [U.sub.FENE] as follows:
21 ( ANI ): As producers, Bollywood actor Riteish Deshmukh and his wife Genelia are "extremely thrilled" to be honoured with the 'Best Marathi Film' award for their movie 'Faster Fene'.
La sancion le prohibe construir naves civiles en el astillero de Fene hasta 2015.
El lipopeptido antibiotico fengicina es sintetizado por una enzima compleja formada por cinco sintetasas, que incluyen: FenA, FenB, FenC, FenD y FenE; codificadas por el operon fengycin sintetasa (FEN).
Semi- IES DE FENE (FENE): electromecanica de vehiculos (CM), urbano montaje y mantenimiento de instalaciones de frio (CM), instalacion y mantenimiento electromecanico de maquinaria (CM).
Inmediatamente, los municipios de Cabanas, Pontedeume, Fene, Ferrol y Mugardos emularon a sus vecinos.
Mr Todd said Spain had assured the Commission the Fene and San Fernando military shipyards would not take on any civilian work.
Tenders are invited for sanitation of corrosions in cranes of navantia fene
Neighboring monomers are linked by a finitely extensible nonlinear elastic (FENE) potential with a maximum bond length [I.sub.max] = 1.5[sigma] and a spring constant [k.sub.b] = 30[[epsilon].sub.LJ]/[[sigma].sup.2]:
Tenders are invited for supply and installation of electrical panels in dock 10 of navantia fene
Tenders are invited for reform of the gas network in mulle 10 de navantia fene
Tenders are invited for linguistic campus service will see beyond 2019-2020 of the municipality of fene