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FENIFoodservice Educators Network International (Chicago, IL)
FENIFédération Européenne du Nettoyage Industriel (French: European Federation of Cleaning Industries)
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Feni has also been renamed to Ferronickel Industry.
The motorcade, which is heading to Chittagong for the BNP chief's planned relief distribution for the Rohingya, was attacked in Mohammed Ali Bazar at the border of Feni and Comilla, The Dhaka Tribune reported.
"Spirit of India Feni is a unique, game-changing spirit that will enhance the creativity of mixologists while expanding the palates of new customers and consumers alike," said Jason Griffin, Business Development Manager of WirtzCraft Spirits.
"Feni is to India as tequila is to Mexico," explains Prabhat Jayara, whose family owns India House, a Chicago-based restaurant group with three units, and the new Bombay Chopsticks Indian-Chinese fusion concept.
4.), [rho] is nanoparticles density for FeNi (=8.02 gr/(cm[conjunction]3)), M_s is magnetic (=120 emu/g).
Goan chauvinists will boast about the superior feni that is in their exclusive possession, but with a little wheedling, will proudly spill some into your glass.
"The BEPZA governing body has decided to drop the Feni and Meghna EPZ projects, as the government now prefers special economic zones (SEZ)," said a senior BEPZA official Saturday.
En buena medida, el arti?1/2culo de Enrique Serrano Gi?1/2mez "Modernidad y libertad", se convierte en una propuesta de ani?1/2lisis e interpretacii?1/2n de algunos de los feni?1/2menos que vivimos en este momento: "Proponerse abordar el tema de la modernidad implica comprometerse con el desarrollo de una narracii?1/2n histi?1/2rica en la que es indispensable establecer con toda claridad dos elementos bi?1/2sicos.
Meet Feni (Alfeni, "dear one" in Swahili) who has suffered the loss of her dear grandmother, her mother's alcoholism and her parents' divorce in her 12-year-old life.
In 1997, Niko proposed to rehabilitate the abandoned gas fields at Chattak, Feni and Kamta in Sylhet and later a joint study by Niko and BAPEX found 319 billion cubic feet of natural gas in Chhatak and Feni.
Feni town of Feni district is part of Chittagong diocese, to which Bishop Patrick D'Rozario now welcomes me to serve the sick and live among the poor.
Glencore International has made an offer of DM5M to take over the 12K mt/yr Feni nickel complex, plus a 20 yr concession on the Kavardaci mines.