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Los austriacos Gertraud FenkOczlon y August Fenk (1999), por ejemplo, utilizaron este tipo de cocientes para evaluar distintos aspectos de la complejidad de un grupo de 34 idiomas, tomando como base un conjunto de 22 enunciados originalmente escritos en aleman.
Fenk, J.: 1981, Theory of the formation of daily breaks over cavities in the Lusatian Mountains.
"We need to work that out, exactly what our role is going to be," Fenk said.
(4.) Huck K, Hanenberg H, Gudowius S, Fenk R, Kalb R, Neveling K, et al.
surface movements in the time after the end of mining are usually associated with restoration of ground water levels that causes swelling and reduction of normal stresses in overlying rock layers (elevation) (Fenk, 1999) or the effect of the destruction of shallow underground workings (subsidence).
Among the first group of papers we can cite contributions such as Nettle (1995) and Fenk-Oczlon and Fenk (2008), while in the second group there are articles like Shosted (2006) and Nichols (2009).
Contract notice: Fenk - fire expansion and new kbl depot.
OSU has also held discussions on fielding a sand volleyball team, with associate athletic director Steve Fenk saying it's "on our radar as a potential sport to add in the future, but our first priority is continuing to build our women's track and field program.
Fenk-Oczlon & Fenk (2008), por ejemplo, calculan una serie de cocientes (fonemas por silaba, silabas por palabra, fonemas por palabra, palabras por enunciado, etc.) que provienen de traducciones de varias oraciones simples (escritas originalmente en aleman) a 33 lenguas distintas.
CORVALLIS - Oregon State announced Thursday that it will be promoting Marianne Vydra, Bob Clifford and Mark Spencer to senior associate athletic directors, John Chaney, Steve Fenk and Linda Hurd to associate athletic directors and Jacque Bruns, Cecil Hairston and Nikki Pruett to assistant athletic directors.
Aunque la ley de Menzerath tambien ha sido mencionada como una posible explicacion de la ocurrencia de este tipo de fenomenos en contextos interlinguisticos (Fenk-Oczlon y Fenk, 1999), la mayoria de los analisis efectuados utilizan textos escritos en un unico idioma.