FENUFar Eastern National University (Russia)
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Rossana Fenu Barbera models her well-constructed argument around the complex notion of tears and their importance for understanding the scholarly elaboration around the sphere of Dante's works.
As it was noted during the discussion, despite the real technical capabilities of the FENU Medical Center, the state task for providing high-tech medical care not included in the basic program of compulsory medical insurance is declining for it annually.
Newport Crown Court heard Fenu, 63, of Celyn Avenue, Cardiff, owed more than PS17,000 after dishonestly claiming more than PS30,000.
Fenu et al., "Experimental characterization of Italian composite adobe bricks reinforced with straw fibers," Composite Structures, vol.
Murray Wallace, William Boyle, Joe Wright, Matt Crooks, Philip Billing, Jon Stead, Oscar Gobern, Joel Lynch, Anthony Gerrard, Ben Holmes, Lee Peltier, Chris Markham (Performance Analyst), Giovanni Fenu (Masseur).
One study focusing on ovarian cancer patients suffering from malignant ascites cited a cost saving of 519 [pounds sterling] ($NZ 1015.69 at the time of conversion) per procedure when conducted as an outpatient procedure verses inpatient stays, (Harding, Fenu, Medani, Shaboodien, Ngan, Li, et al., 2012).
Germination grow and nodulation of trigonella eoenum graecum (Fenu Greek) under salt stress.
Therefore, cloud computing may offer several advantages over traditional information systems, including the ability to be deployed rapidly while remaining scalable to meet future, and often unanticipated, computing needs (Aymerich, Fenu, & Surcis, 2008).
Bacchetta, G., Fenu, G., Mattana, E., Piotto, B., Virevaire, M.--2006--Manuale per la raccolta, studio, conservazione e gestione ex situ del germoplasma--APAT.
Dulsco 151 (Sajid 62, Amir Khan 27, Fenu 22; Hari Krishna 3 for 26, Vinith Narayan 2 for 17, Johan 2 for 27, Arif 2 for 36) Al Futtaim Honda 152 for 5 in 18.2 overs (Shahid Moosa 39, Vinith Narayan 36, Qamar 28, Ameer 3 for 21).
While the dehydration of following fruits and vegetables are in practice at the PCSIR labs at pilot plant scale: strawberry, banana, mango, onion, cabbage, methi (Fenu Greek), potatoes, garlic, ginger and eggs, they elaborated.