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FEPAFood and Environment Protection Act (UK)
FEPAFlorida Emergency Preparedness Association
FEPAFederal Environmental Protection Agency (Nigeria)
FEPAFederation of European Philatelic Associations
FEPAFederation of European Producers of Abrasives
FEPAFair Employment Practices Act
FEPAFamily Entertainment Protection Act
FEPAForum Européen des Politiques Architecturales (French: European Forum for Architectural Policies; EU)
FEPAFair Employment Practices Agency (US)
FEPAFeatured Entertainment & Production Arts Ltd
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FEPA was a nonstarter even before all that, failing to reach the Senate floor.
The values obtained for the WSF of crude oil and control were further compared with Federal Environmental Protection Agency (FEPA, 1991) standards of water quality for sustenance of aquatic life (Horsfall and Spiff, 1998) (Table 3).
gasar, did not exceed the FEPA limits which means that the oysters do not present an immediate health risk to consumers.
The carbon monoxide concentration in Lagos State exceeds the Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency (LASEPA) and the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (FEPA) standards with probabilities 0.300819 and 0.231621, respectively.
The Ni and Cr levels in the muscles were higher than the maximum acceptable limit recommended by WHO and FEPA. Similarly, the concentration of Pb measured in P.
The values of these parameters were compared to FEPA and WHO permissible guidelines for drinking water.
Nigeria's central government took another major step towards promoting a healthy environment in the Niger Delta region with the creation of the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (FEPA) in 1988.
With increase in population, farming and pastoral land has become scarce and new forest lands have been opened up for both traditional and mechanized farming, even in urban centres land use poses a serious challenge (Ibrahim and Kwankur, 2012), An example can be found in Nigeria where forests were reserved for palm and rubber plantation development (FEPA, 1998).
Phosphate and ammonia (organic pollutants) exceeded FEPA and USEPA acceptable levels of 0.10 mg/L and 0.10 mg/L, respectively, for natural water bodies indicating high nutrient status, organic matter, and potential pollutants in this creek.
Urges employers to adopt ND NH 1947: enacts EPL NJ 1952: enacts EPL NM NV NY 1944: enacts EPL OH 1959: enacts EPL OK OR 1947: enacts 1955: enacts EPL voluntary FEPA including clause on sex discrimination PA 1947: enacts EPL.
"Studies carried out by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (FEPA) show a moderate-to-high concentration of pollutants such as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, organic acids and hydrocarbons in the atmosphere," the EIA reports.