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FEPAFood and Environment Protection Act (UK)
FEPAFlorida Emergency Preparedness Association
FEPAFederal Environmental Protection Agency (Nigeria)
FEPAFederation of European Philatelic Associations
FEPAFederation of European Producers of Abrasives
FEPAFair Employment Practices Act
FEPAFamily Entertainment Protection Act
FEPAForum Européen des Politiques Architecturales (French: European Forum for Architectural Policies; EU)
FEPAFair Employment Practices Agency (US)
FEPAFeatured Entertainment & Production Arts Ltd
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FEPA was a nonstarter even before all that, failing to reach the Senate floor.
De la decision de la SIC, llama la atencion el hecho de que, una vez probado el caracter ilicito parcial del FEPA, no hubiera proferido sancion alguna y, por el contrario, hubiera ordenado simplemente la revision del mecanismo.
While the COD need not list every detail of the discrimination, it must contain enough details on which the EEOC or FEPA could be expected to base an investigation of the overall situation.
June 2006: Four mussel companies begin proceedings in the High Court to challenge the granting of the FEPA licence.
Moreover, the concentration of these heavy metals (in both garden soil and brewery waste samples) was below the prescribed FEPA safe levels (FEPA, 1991).
Resolution of charges each year may therefore exceed receipts for that year because workload being resolved is drawn from a combination of pending, new receipts and FEPA transfer charges rather than from new charges only.
Grit finer than 600 is usually measured on the European FEPA scale, and identified with a "P" immediately before the number.
The only exceptions are a voluntary Fair Employment Practices Act (FEPA) provision in Oregon as of 1950, and then, as of 1970, the extension of FEPAs to refer to sex in numerous states.
24) The court dismissed the plaintiffs' appeal because no express language in the FEPA waived the bar of sovereign immunity.
Grains may be graded using a system developed by the Coated Abrasives Manufacturers Institute (the CAMI system) or a technique developed by the Federation of European Producers of Abrasives (the FEPA system).
If the hostile environment has been compromised, or has become less severe and pervasive following the employer's corrective action, or perhaps the employee decides to challenge the employer's corrective action, she may choose to pursue action through the EEOC or FEPA, but incidents predating the limitations period are treated as untimely and pre-act discrimination, meaning the alleged victim is unable to pursue a remedy.
There are more closed cases than charges because the agency's work load is drawn from a combination of pending, new, and FEPA transfer charges rather than from new charges only.