FEPACFederación Panamericana de Consultores (Spanish: American Federation of Consultants)
FEPACFédération des Plastiques et Alliances Composites (French: Federation of Plastics and Alliances Composites; Canada)
FEPACFoshan Tongbao Electrical Precision Alloy Co., Ltd. (China)
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Unlike any forensic science program in the region, our program was designed from its outset to meet FEPAC accreditation.
This contribution will allow FEPAC to carry out a promising three-pronged project: recruit small and medium-sized enterprises to develop an action plan and strategies for sustainable development; implement the plan and strategies mapped out; and, lastly, assess the actions taken.
Ambos tambien se incorporaron a la Fundacion de Estudios para la Argentina en Crecimiento (FEPAC), una organizacion de apoyo a Menem durante su campana y que hoy --comenta-- Kohan ha vuelto a revivir en busca del triunfo de Menem en las elecciones del 2003.