FEPAGROFundacao Estadual de Pesquisa Agropecuaria
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'Navelina' orange trees grafted on five different rootstocks did not show significant differences in height during the first five years, although the trees on 'Sunki' mandarin showed higher growth than those on 'Fepagro C-13' citrange, regarding tree diameter and canopy volume (Table 1).
Leyenda: Figura 1--Rede de estacoes meteorologicas no Rio Grande do Sul (Fepagro, 8o Disme/Inmet, ANA, Embrapa, UFPel) e mapa de altitude.
However, species richness in IZMA was higher than in FEPAGRO (Rui and Graciolli, 2005), an area also covered by dense rainforest, with second-growth forest in different stages of succession.
(6) A missao da FEPAGRO "e promover a geracao de tecnologias e servicos para a Agropecuaria Gaucha, tendo como principios basicos: (1) Geracao de renda no campo; (2) Responsabilidade social e ambiental; (3) Tecnologia como fator estrategico do desenvolvimento; (4) Competitividade sustentavel".
One of these hybrids, "Fepagro C37 Reck", has desirable characteristics such as induction of canopy tolerance to low winter temperatures; reduction of plant size; promotion of the production of quality fruits; in addition to presenting a faster development in the nursery in comparison to P trifoliata (OLIVEIRA et al., 2010; KOLLER, 2013).
A especie arborea utilizada foi a timbauva (Enterolobium contortisiliquum Vell.) cujas sementes foram provenientes da FEPAGRO Florestas--Centro de Pesquisas Florestais, unidade de Santa Maria-RS.
Potato tubers were produced in fields of the Plant Science Department at the Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (UFSM), Santa Maria, RS, Brazil (latitude: 29[degrees] 43'S, longitude: 53[degrees] 48'W, altitude: 95m) and at the State Agricultural Research Foundation (FEPAGRO) in Julio de Castilhos, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil (latitude: 29[degrees] 17'S, longitude: 69[degrees] 53'W, altitude: 516m).
multijuga (Rich.) Irwin and Barn.) were provided by the Forestry Research Center from the State Foundation of Agriculture and Cattle Raising Researches (FEPAGRO), Santa Maria, RS, Brazil.
Foram usados dados de duas redes de estacoes meteorologicas da Regiao Sul do Brasil, uma proveniente de diversos institutos federais (8 Disme/Inmet, ANA, Embrapa e UFPel) com 564 estacoes pluviometricas e outra proveniente de institutos estaduais (Iapar, Epagri e Fepagro) com 123 estacoes com dados de temperatura e pluviosidade (Figura 1).