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FEPCFederación de Entidades Empresariales Privadas de Cochabamba (Spanish: Federation of Private Employers of Cochabamba; Cochabamba, Bolivia)
FEPCFederation of Electric Power Companies of Japan
FEPCFair Employment Practices Commission
FEPCFirst Evangelical Presbyterian Church (Renton, WA)
FEPCFair Employment Practices Code
FEPCForeign Entrepreneur Promotion Committee
FEPCFormats Evolution Process Committee (US NASA)
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Zamora provides additional support for his general conclusions about the FEPC by focusing more narrowly on oil refining on the upper Gulf Coast and the smelting and alkali industries in Corpus Christi.
When Negroes March: The Organizational Politics of FEPC. New York: Athenaeum.
The Dixiecrats unfurled a host of objections to the bills proposing a permanent FEPC, beginning with criticism of the political motivations they saw behind the bills.
Established in 1945, the New York FEPC, like its federal counterpart, adopted color-blind strategies for eliminating employment discrimination.
We cheer when Sally slugs her boyfriend, "not scratching and biting as he always expected a girl would fight," after he insults and tries to own her; when she agrees to be the first woman member ever to speak at the local, if she doesn't "die of heart failure" (the occasion is a radical shopfloor (CP) resolution to support the FEPC's ruling against discrimination in the workplace); and when she walks out of a fancy restaurant in the middle of dinner, walks out on her groveling husband and their lawyer host, with just a "will you excuse me for a minute?" as she rises from the table and leaves for home at the instant she figures out that she is a guest of a rat fink.
Henwood appealed this decision, and in February 1990, FEPC rejected Henwood's appeal and established a new minimum stream flow in the bypass reach of seven cfs.(39) In the same order, FERC abruptly reversed its earlier decision and held that the BLM had the authority to require rights-of-way across BLM land, but again denied Cal Water's request for rehearing.(40)
In response to complaints of discrimination in public works projects during World War II, the government established the Fair Employment Practices Committee (FEPC).
Three recorded speeches, each favoring the continuation of the FEPC, were played.
The ground-breaking, work of the World War II President's Committee on Fair Employment Practice (FEPC) was obscured by the charismatic leaders and dramatic confrontations of the later civil rights movement.
See also John Beecher files on Memphis in FEPC files, National Archives, RG 228; and Merl E.