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FEPCFederación de Entidades Empresariales Privadas de Cochabamba (Spanish: Federation of Private Employers of Cochabamba; Cochabamba, Bolivia)
FEPCFederation of Electric Power Companies of Japan
FEPCFair Employment Practices Commission
FEPCFirst Evangelical Presbyterian Church (Renton, WA)
FEPCFair Employment Practices Code
FEPCForeign Entrepreneur Promotion Committee
FEPCFormats Evolution Process Committee (US NASA)
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In sum, the agency-centered regulatory approach of the New Deal produced statutes such as the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) and FEPC laws that allocated a minor enforcement role, if any, to private litigation.
37) The FEPC had few powers but represented the novel idea that the federal government could regulate dISCriminatory employment practices.
164-65 (2005) (suggesting that the FEPC at least "moderated racial
Zamora's argument rests on an impressive array of sources, from labor market reports and FEPC records to Spanish-language newspapers and Mexican government documents.
Following the war, Truman lined up a series of executive orders to promote his civil rights agenda, including military desegregation and a restructured FEPC.
Fortunately," he wrote of the FEPC quota proposal, "the proposals to apply minimum percentage clauses in such a period were not heeded, and other more realistic devices were adopted" (1946, 14).
218) The FEPC was weak, but it was the first civil rights agency in the federal government since the Freedmen's Bureau of the Reconstruction era, and its investigations inspired and legitimated black protest.
FEPC [Fair Employment Practices Commission], according to its proponents, represents an effort to obtain economic justice for the Negro.
Indeed, Moreno persuasively argues that the weaknesses of the state FEPC precipitated growing demands for a strong federal FEP policy as reflected in Title VII.
He hears how, if you can't control membership, "you got no free union left, you got a Stalin-Hitler union"; how a "few commies in Washington" and a bunch of "pinks in the CIO" are behind the FEPC ruling; how radicals are passing resolutions in locals in support of the ruling and making "a big play for the women that never been in the union before and don't know any better"; how" there's some commies back of it too .
Henwood appealed this decision, and in February 1990, FEPC rejected Henwood's appeal and established a new minimum stream flow in the bypass reach of seven cfs.